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Hotel Jungfrau Mürren
Im Gruebi
3825 Mürren

Telephone: +41 33 856 64 64
Fax: +41 33 856 64 65

Arrival in the car-free resort of Mürren

Road access is only possible up to Lauterbrunnen and to Stechelberg. From there you need a cable car to reach Mürren.

Lauterbrunnen – Mürren

From Lauterbrunnen you reach us with the Mürrenbahn via Grütschalp and Winteregg. The multi-storey car park is next to the train station in Lauterbrunnen. (Car Park Info).
In the Lauterbrunnen station make sure you get your suitcases in the transport container below the cable car, it will automatically be transported all the way to Mürren in the container where our porter will pick it up if you let us know that you are in the valley.

Stechelberg – Mürren

From Stechelberg you take the Schilthornbahn via Gimmelwald to reach Mürren. Stechelberg has an open air parking (Info).
You load your suitcase in a blue trolley and you send it either with the regular cable-car or with the transport-cable-car to Mürren.
We are happy to collect your bags on your arrival if you let us know that you are in the valley ready to come up and enjoy the fresh alpine air.


The Swiss Railway SBB gives detailed information about train time tables
Further information about train tickets and passes under (Swiss Travel System).
Calculate your route to Mürren here.
International airports are in Basel, Bern, Genf und Zürich. Contact us if you would like to organise taxi transport to/fromLauterbrunnen or Stechelberg.Direct flights from Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Rotterdam to Bern just 1.5h away from Hotel Jungfrau Mürren. More info here.



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